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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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area. bill martin is in with what you need to know. the 4 on 2 starts right now. welcome to the 4 on 2, everyone. i'm ross palombo. >> i'm keba arnold. winter starts in just a few hours from now. as fall ends on a wet note, this latest system is causing problems for travelers. rain and wind have hampered operations at san francisco international airport. dozens of flights have been canceled and more than 100 have been delayed. officials recommend you check with your airline's for specific arrival and departure times. this latest storm is good news for folks in the sierra, homewood resort and tahoe says it snowed at least five inches overnight. the national weather service is calling for an additional 5 to 9 inches throughout the day. snow levels are down to about 4000 feet. the forecast calls for at least two more rounds of snow heading into christmas day. >> the complete opposite of
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last year. >> last year we had one good day of skiing. the year before, nothing. so this is fantastic. it's great. >> if you're planning on heading up to the sierra, don't forget to bring your chains. chains are required on interstate 80 and also highway 50. also, you've got to pack your patience if you're heading uphill. >> go slowly and carefully. meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm. stavros storms moving through right now. how bad is it going to get and how much longer do we have to go? >> we're in some of the heaviest rain right now into this afternoon commute really, the big story as i see at this moment is the airport delays, not just here but in atlanta as well. just afternoon commute. what i want to point out is the pattern we're under right now is a zonal flow, we talked about it last week, the jet stream has got a beeline thousands of miles worth of subtropical moisture or more moisture in our direction. temperatures are a little warmer, snow levels are higher. the rain right now is hammering
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the afternoon commute. we have seen in parts of the north bay up around the mountain, we have seen up to a half foot of rain in some places well north of cazadero. in mill valley, we've seen numbers up around five inches. some areas of the coastal hills, this type of system is conducive to what we call the lift. the moisture comes in, the dynamics aren't horribly strong but the mountain range at half moon bay pushes the moisture up, squeezes out even more rain. so the heaviest rainfall accumulations have been in marin county, the watershed as the showers continue to fall, getting hammered out in livermore. what's happening is we got pooling water throughout the bay area. and all the highways, areal coverage of the shower all day today and last night has been from one end to the other. the water is running off, rainfall rates aren't that high. but the water is starting to pull up. you're seeing it out there. weight for folks, be prepared.
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with the standing water, creeks are starting to come up a bit. we do have a break coming. not going to see major flooding but this is a very el niño type of storm. warmer and filing in with a lot of moisture. not a ton of dynamics. so it's just draining it out as it moves in out in san mateo. heavy rain in redwood city. the yellow is representing windshield wipers on full. but he just keeps going. pretty much all night. so if we've seen four and five inches of rain in coastal hill locations, we could see another three and a half inches tonight in some of those same areas. another inch in your house. it keeps coming. the afternoon commute is getting whacked right now. when i come back, we'll look at the computer model. more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. as he said, the storm is just the beginning of what we're going to get over the next few days. some are calling it a perfect
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storm of flood factors. >> tom baker has been in contra costa county. they are worried about the rising water. >> here's a very good example. take a look at this. pleasantville, murderers creek. it used to be that murderers got hung along this creek. and all summer, and all fall, it was bone dry. a few days ago, started raining. now you are taking a look at a very well flowing creek, which has many times come up above its banks and many times has flooded the surrounding area. what this means for all of us is simply this: a few pounds of sandbags where needed can be worth tons of problems later on. many recently dry creek are now flowing and storm winds are just -- definitely blowing. contra costa county board of supervisors chairman said el niño may deliver an unwanted christmas presents. too much water. >> three things happening this week. king tides on top of the fact that water levels are already 9
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to 12 inches higher because of the warming of the water due to el niño. if we get storm surges due to extra rain, you have this potential perfect storm. >> now, even if we dodge this short-term bullet, we may not, the rainy season seems to be living up to its name. meaning that preparedness is something you have to do now, so you don't have to pay for it, a much bigger price later on. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i know high tide was at about 7:30, six point five inches. the next high tide coming up in just a few hours. our residents worried? are they watching the creek closely? >> they are, but it's got a long way to go. i think where they are concerned is as we get a little bit later into the month of christmas day and beyond, then we're going to have what is a so-called king tide, that is when late december, early january, the sun and moon and earth are lined up in such a
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way that you get these really high tides. start getting a lot of rain then, you start getting water, really high tides, then you can have flooding which can be very significant. it's all going to depend on whether or not the king tide and high water due to el niño and more water come together. it's a real possibility. it's raining. >> and you've got to help the residents, because of the recent rain, their attention, their understanding rain is coming. we've got to be prepared. tom, thank you. >> thanks a lot. stay on top of the weather anytime by downloading the ktvu weather app. you can see life and future radar as well as warnings for your location. raymond "shrimp boy" chow took the stand to defend himself against racketeering and murder charges in san francisco. >> the former gang leader was charged last year after a five- year effort -- undercover fbi sting that netted 29 defendants including former city school board president keith jackson. >> ktvu's tara moriarty was in court where there was a bit of drama, regarding one of the
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jurors. >> reporter: another juror just walked out and we thought, we thought maybe they have to go to the bathroom or something like that. it ended up the juror refused to come back into the courtroom , they were suffering from anxiety and wanted to be excused from the trial. after a lot of back and forth, with the judge and attorneys, that juror was dismissed. >> tara, what about chow himself? there was a lot of reluctance to put him on the stand today. it was his first day on the stand. how did he do? >> reporter: you know, that's sort of debatable. we're not going to know about how the jury feels about him. he curses a lot. he comes across as a former gangster. he talked about one stage he walked into a restaurant and had a shootout with 28 people. he said it was self-defense, but it's really hard to know how the jury is going to interpret all of that. some of the more interesting things he brought up, he did talk about growing up, how he
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was in hong kong and by the age of nine, he said he had already quote, cut somebody up, and at age 12, he had been with a prostitute and at age 16 he moved back to san francisco and turned to a life of crime. chow said he has kept his known clean up -- his nose clean over the past decade but an fbi agent testified he gave the greenlight. and also he accepted cash envelopes with suppose it cut from the profits of crimes committed by his underlings. >> of course you cannot talk to the jury, but you're sitting there and you are staring -- can you tell anything by their body language? are they listening closely? do they seem intensely interested in what he has to say? are they drifting a little bit? >> reporter: they do. they are really paying attention because he's charismatic, full of smiles. he is a bit of a rambler. he talks quite a bit. and the judge and the attorney
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have to cut him off for a bit and tell them, you are not asking questions. you are supposed to answer them and you need to keep your answers more precise. so a lot of times we are seeing some of the jurors quite bored. we do know that there are 30 more people that are going to be called to the stand by the defense. of course the defense is basically letting chow talk now but the prosecution is going to have their turn. it will be really interesting to see how he undergoes cross examination. >> a really difficult life before he came here from china. do they seem stunned at some of these revelations on what he did? when he was younger? >> reporter: i'm sort of stunned. some of the things that i'm hearing especially the way he was brought up. he's been in and out of prison quite a bit. 1985, in prison for armed robbery. he went back to a life of crime. then again, he went to prison in 2003 but he made the deal where he had to talk about one of his friends and ride him out
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in exchange for getting out of prison early. so he says it was that sort of whole turning point in his life when he got out of prison. that time in 2003. he said, i'm giving up my life of crime. i'm going to tell kids they need to stay out of gangs and said, this is the moment when everything turned around for him. at one point, he didn't yell very passionately, i did not kill alan leung, the businessman in chinatown he's accused of either murdering or ordering hit for. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens, how the tone changes when he is cross- examined. tara moriarty, thank you. we are learning more today about a family from gilroy who died in a plane crash over the weekend. the pilot has been identified as jason feiss, also on board his wife, and their two daughters and one son. the family was on their way to visit friends in henderson, nevada near las vegas. the pilot started experiencing some sort of problems. he called out a mayday to air
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traffic control but the plane went down shortly after his call. there was poor weather in the area at the time. the faa and ntsb are still investigating and it could take months to determine a cause. a 55-year-old richmond man is facing charges accused of building homemade explosives and threatening loved ones. police say bomb technicians located what looked like a pipe bomb in the home of william chilly yesterday. as a precaution officers evacuated several houses in the area and the device was later detonated. no one was hurt. police say the device was not dangerous. police started investigating shelley after receiving a tip he had built an explosive device and that he also made threats toward muslims at an east bay mosque. investigators say it's too early to determine whether chilly had planned to use that fake bomb. kelly was booked into the county jail in martinez where he was held on 525,000 dollars bail. we're going to continue to gather information about this incident for you.
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john will have more for you coming up tonight at 5:00. the man accused of helping the san bernardino shooters is back in court briefly today. enrique marquez was expected to enter a plea but the hearing was delayed. marquez is charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists for a plot in 2011 for a plot he never carried out. he's also charged with buying the rifles the shooters used in the san bernardino attack. and visa fraud stemming from his marriage to a russian woman that prosecutors say was all a sham. he faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted of all of those charges. in belgium, police have detained five people in connection with the paris attacks. two brothers and their friends were taken in in brussels last night. another raid earlier today led to the arrest of two more people. police say they didn't find any weapons or explosives inside those homes. since the november 13 attack, belgian police have raided several homes and detained numerous people. those attacks left 130 people
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dead. and injured hundreds more. authorities questioned a retired french police officer for 12 hours today in connection with that bomb scare on air france. this after they found a fake cardboard bomb on a flight and had to make an emergency landing in kenya. it's the fourth folks on the airline since november. that officer and four others have been questioned and released. no one has been arrested so far. in afghanistan, a suicide attack north of kabul has killed six more american soldiers. it happened near the biggest us military facility in afghanistan. the taliban has already claimed responsibility for that attack. police in las vegas are revealing more about what happened along the strip that ended with one person dead and dozens in the hospital. after being run down by a driver on the sidewalk, a 24- year-old woman is now in custody, facing a murder charge. police say she drove on the sidewalk through a crowd of
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people with a three-year-old in her car before she calmly turned herself in to authorities. as kelly wright reports, police say they believe she did this on purpose. >> the suspect, lakisha holloway, repeatedly drove her car over pedestrians, some jumped on her car and ran up to the window and tried to get her to stop, but she didn't. >> reporter: it's being called a tragedy on the strip, a car mowing down pedestrians on a crowded sidewalk. police are saying they don't believe it was terrorism. but they also don't think it was an accident. >> video confirms we believe it to be an intentional act. >> reporter: early sunday evening across from the bellagio. >> i saw the car up on the sidewalk coming towards us. there was a lady in it. african-american lady. it looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straight forward. there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle. they couldn't get her. they were yelling, stop! >> reporter: the car had a
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child in the backseat when he drove up on the sidewalk and started slamming into people. in front of planet hollywood. >> people bouncing off the front of the car. the windshield was smashed. she came to a stop at the paris intersection. and then she, like, people punching the window, trying to get the child out of the backseat. she accelerated again and kept mowing everyone down. so from here to flamingo, she wound up hitting i would say anywhere from 30 to 40 people. >> the driver of the 1996 oldsmobile is in custody. police are checking her for drugs or alcohol. >> we intend to file charges immediately. we are going to start off by filing one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. we will also be filing additional charges as the information flows to our office. >> reporter: many of the victims are currently hospitalized. while there was carnage outside the vehicle, the child inside the car was not armed.
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kelly wright, fox news. an nfl game turns into a wrestling match. >> the fallout from the all-out match between two big nfl players.
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it was the gap heard round the world. steve harvey announcing the wrong winner in last night's miss universe competition. he has since apologized over and over again for that mistake.
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that's just one of the headlines from the past week. scott reese offers some perspective on the weekend in sports in our monday rhys's pieces. >> a good weekend for vader, less so for readers who were eliminated from the playoffs for a thirteenth straight season. silver and black lining? amari cooper became the first raider rookie ever with 1000 receiving yards. three nfl teams clinched a playoff spot this weekend. the 49ers clinched something else. last place in the nfc west for the first time in a decade. >> san francisco is booed off the field. >> ceo jed york told csn bay area, quote, we'll talk about everything at the end of the season. the nfl turned ufc. odell beckham and josh norman went at it, physically. >> they ought to throw him out of the game. >> and then verbally. >> going around and dancing, not a football player. >> jordan spieth hollenbeck
4:20 pm
him's access -- antics embarrassing. brooklyn decker advising him to grow up. the nfl weighed in as well, suspending him for one game. >> the warriors have won 30 straight games at home. really impressive. but not quite historic. >> amazingly, it's not even among the seven longest home winning streak in nba history. the all-time record? 44 in a row by the 1995-96 chicago bulls. the week began with a social media campaign to raise awareness about the correct spelling of colombia. and ended with a social media onslaught over the incorrect coronation of colombia. >> i have to apologize. sir paul mccartney, brooklyn 2013, really wanted a free nets t-shirt. >> i could hook him up. >> two years later, on sunday, mccartney finally got his shirt. say what you want, but persistence pays off.
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the weather center now with chief meteorologist bill martin. i'm getting used to the rain outside. you think back to last year, and the year before last, what is rain? but now it's raining all the time every week. >> it didn't stop. it started on sunday and it's been raining all night last night into today. actually some of the heaviest rain -- >> impressive totals. >> pretty impressive. especially north of san jose. what's the big deal? up in marin county, we're seeing five inches of rain, half foot of rain over the last 24 hours. i wanted to give you a perspective on the rest of the country. you can see on the eastern seaboard, they are getting hammered. this is an el niño set up. you see the southerly jet -- down there, that's the southerly jeff, that's what you expect in an el niño year. southerly jet. what's happening is pushing a lot of moisture and warmer air into the eastern seaboard, tornado concerns out there in parts of the southeast. eventually the plan is
4:22 pm
southerly jet links up with our northerly jet as we start pulling more of that subtropical moisture in. we are seeing subtropical moisture, atmospheric river coming in almost on a zonal flow, which means it is streamlining in. looks like it's curved but basically coming in like this. it's like a fire hose, just unloading. parts of the north bay, northern california, half foot of rain easy. raining out there big-time on the afternoon commute. it's one of those reins where you think you can go fast, because you can see where you're going but the problem is we're seeing standing water, you saw tom baker's piece early on. then it's welling up in the crease out there, just a function of this much rain consistently. there's not been a chance for the rain to drain off. so not big-time flooding but we're seeing pooling of water on our friends and on ramps. and that will mess you up especially on the afternoon commute. i suspect it's happening -- especially in walnut creek and
4:23 pm
concord, out there by 13, wherein freeway, san leandro, heavy rain, the heaviest rain is and -- ending up in the coastal held because it's being pushed up to 1000 feet or so, and that squeezes out more rain. heaviest totals invariably are going to be in the coastal hills. up in beth lohman, we've got over three inches in san jose, two tenths of an inch, 30 mile aerial -- at -- as the crow flies -- talking about a disparity of a few inches of rain. mount tam five inches. these numbers just off the hourly are continually updating. santa cruz mountains, four inches up near ben lomond. one point six inches in fremont, and look at san jose, it's not one or two, that's point one two. 12 hundredths. not as much because most of the rain falling out in the santa cruz mountains or in the coastal range. places like oakland and arindam
4:24 pm
are doing okay. i just talked to someone up in squaw valley. snow right now, it's raining at 65 -- 6500 feet. these are warmer storms. let's take a peek at the five- day forecast, scattered showers tomorrow morning, scattered showers in the morning, clearing, not a bad set up here. a little bit of rain back into thursday, friday and saturday, just interesting pattern but the real take away there is obviously heavy rain on the commute but then you've got rain at 6700 feet. that's a lot of snow at the lower elevations. last few storms at 4000 feet. 6700 feet is high. so still winter storm warnings up there. the snows are going to remain high. >> but there are a lot of concerns over flooding especially because of all of the el niño storms? i didn't realize until today el niño raises sea level to nine inches? >> yes. any storm that comes in, it
4:25 pm
actually releases the pressure on the water and you get sea level coming up an inch or so or a little more. then when the water is warmer, you get thermal expansion. so you're right. there's a lot. you have the king tides, earlier it could cause real problems especially lucky drive on high tide. >> haven't even hit january yet. >> it would be nice if the warm rain and snow worries me a little bit -- and then you get the water melting and running into the -- >> runoff. >> and then we can't recapture that. that runs off into the bay. >> we're happy for the rain. the big thing is be prepared for it. >> yeah. >> thanks a lot. coming up, new and updated rules when it comes to gay and bisexual men making blood donations. >> while advocates are calling it a step in the right direction, there are still some issues.
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the fda lifted its long time -- lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. the new policy still has some restrictions including barring men who have had sex with another man in the past year. that is still being criticized but supporters say it matches policies in other countries including the uk. human rights activist say the new policy is a step in the right direction, but still falls far too short. health officials say the flu season is off to a slower start this year. on friday the cdc released its
4:29 pm
weekly flu count. only south carolina is showing significant flu related illnesses. traditionally, the flu season doesn't really get going until around christmas. in fact, kids go back to school, mingle with classmates and the flu season takes off. scientists predict there's a 57 present chance this flu season will be around february and a 67 present chance it will be mild. the holidays are filled with wonderful holiday scented perfumes and candles but for some folks, they can cause a problem. health officials say too much exposure to irritants is, during the holiday season. holiday scents can be irritating for people with sensitive lungs and upper airways. those with asthma and chronic sinusitis may notice their symptoms getting worse this time of year. >> somebody who has nonallergic triggers such as cigarette smoke, strong odors, this time of year with all of the celebrations, people might be running across more irritants
4:30 pm
than usual. if you use a nasal steroid spray, that can be very helpful in decreasing symptoms related to nonallergic irritant triggers. >> officials also recommend keeping the air quality in your home as clean as possible. when opening windows is not an option for you, getting your home's heating and ventilation systems check is always a good idea. san francisco home prices kept rising in 2015. but what does it mean for the year ahead? we'll speak with the real estate expert about home prices in the new year.
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two regulations go into effect requiring drone operator to register their devices with the fda before they can lift off legally. the rule applies to most recreational drones and people will need to sign up by february 19. there is a registration fee of five dollars. but it will be waived for the first month. the new rules come after a study showed an increasing number of reports of drones flying near jets were airports with more than 300 incidents just in the last year. it is estimated that around 1,000,000 drones will be sold
4:34 pm
by the end of the holiday season. but there are dangers associated with drones. earlier this month is the chp helicopter had to abort a stolen car change -- car chase in san francisco after coming dangerously close to a drone. the person operating that drones has simply lost control. for more on this, let's send it over to ross. >> as you remember, that happened on december five above martinez. the person operating that drone was owen oyung. and his attorney is with us. joseph tully. you remember this pretty vividly. you had your drone up in the air above martinez. you know that the ceiling is supposed to be 400 feet and below. so what was going on? >> so when the drone was in my control, i was trying my best to keep the drone under 400 feet. however, i was flying along a power line. and i believe there's some interactions with the signals between the power line and my
4:35 pm
drone so i lost my signal. >> the good thing is there was a device on it so when the signal goes out, it comes back by remote? >> yes. >> the problem was that he actually -- you changed the setting so it went up, what, a few hundred feet before it came back? >> yes. i changed the setting before i took the flight to somewhere around, like 7 to 800 feet. the reason -- >> did you know that was an issue? the faa was recommended as that? >> yes. i knew the faa was strongly recommending the general operations to be under 400 feet. >> why did you change it? >> the reason i changed the setting is because i was trying to avoid the collisions between the drone and tall buildings. sometimes people would fly the drones close to a downtown area. and there's power lines that are definitely over 400 feet. >> did you know there was a chp
4:36 pm
helicopter in that area at the time? >> absolutely not. >> obviously you know what your client did. chp says it caused them to take evasive action. it's obviously a dangerous, possibly deadly situation. is this a criminal problem at this point? >> it's not. we fully cooperate with law enforcement including local law enforcement and the department of transportation. they were able to determine that there's no criminal intent and no criminal negligence. therefore there won't be charges forthcoming. >> that's a good thing for you, owen, but when you found out what happened that you potentially put these chp officer's lives in danger, what went through your mind? but i feel really really upset and i feel really sorry about what happened. because i'm a student pilot myself. so from a student pilot standpoint, no pilot wants that situation to have to themselves. so that's the reason i talked to the media. after two weeks. because i would like to say sorry and deliver my apology to the chp helicopter pilot. i hope
4:37 pm
he will feel better. >> and you know how serious this is. you know how serious it is. there is a drone operator right now in los angeles that have the same thing happen. his drone came in contact or very close to lapd chopper. that person could be charged criminally and is facing $1000 fine, very serious down there. that person is not getting off the hook. how lucky is your client? >> well, it's a different situation. in that case, the person was intentionally doing what they were trying to do. in this case, owen is a student pilot, he has flown six hours -- -- six or seven different kinds. and he changed the setting to be safer. he didn't want the drone in his return mode, when it's an autopilot, to hit a building or power line which could hurt somebody. so he raised it to a level he thought would be safe. and yet we're still in this
4:38 pm
situation. so i guess he's more cautious and he was very safety conscious. that's why we're here speaking about the near miss, rather than a tragedy. >> that's right. thank god it did not happen. did you have a chance to talk with those officers directly? >> i did not have the chance to talk to the police helicopter pilot. >> what would you say to that pilot right now? for anyone else out there that's operating one of these drones? >> first of all, i would like to say i'm really sorry to the chp helicopter pilot. i would like to deliver my apology to you through the media, because i never got a chance to say sorry to you. so i hope you feel a bit better. and i believe i am the person who shares the same interest and passion about flying with you. so i'm really sorry about it. and to those people who fly with drones, i strongly
4:39 pm
recommend you guys to obey the faa regulations. and there's a new registration -- >> let me ask you about that quickly. the new registration goes into effect today. this requires drone operators to register. do you really think this is going to make people pay more attention to these rules in anyway? >> well, there's not really rules. there's guidelines out there. >> you're correct. >> so i think hopefully, owen coming forward and bravely so, is going to educate people that these aren't toys. >> they are definitely not toys. they could be life-threatening. owen ouyang, thank you for coming in. just -- joseph tully, thank you for coming in. back to you. san francisco real estate, some of the most expensive in the country. but is relief on the way? we'll speak to a real estate expert. that's coming up.
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make. in today's money monday we are looking at san francisco condos. metzler joins us now. matt, let's take a look back at 2015 which will help us look ahead. you did a research project with the sf modern condos project. you had three main takeaways. take me through them. >> we looked at the more prestige condo buildings within san francisco. and the three high-level trends we're walking away of this year, first, the price of entry for a newer condo is essentially $1000 a square foot. >> wow. >> not only is that a substantial financial number, it's a big psychological number as well. >> it is. >> roughly at that price point for a newer condo is substantial. the other interesting trend was the strongest price appreciation was in buildings that we used to think of as being really affordable. so we saw buildings that once were in the $600,000 range jump to the $900,000 range. >> all within 2015? >> within less than 12 months. the final trend is that we
4:44 pm
still don't have enough housing. and we absolutely need to continue that and figure out how. as we look at 2016, i would say the primary driver is the lack of housing. from what i see and the research we've done, still looks to be a very competitive year ahead. >> lack of housing in general or affordable housing? or both? >> all of the above. one of the interesting problems we run into is to create affordable or subsidized housing, we need market rate housing to pay for that. so how do we balance that? where do we find the land? >> specifically we have the baycrest, 201 harrison street in the south beach neighborhood. what are the numbers when it comes to baycrest? >> baycrest is an interesting building. it was built in 1991. and this year, prices were up about 25%, which means last year you could get a studio for about $430,000. this year, 600,000 is what it's going to cost you. >> what are we getting? how much space? but the studios are about 500 square feet. talking about a one bedroom in the 700 square-foot range,
4:45 pm
2014, 535,000. 2015? 750,000. >> i can't -- >> for one of the oldest buildings in south beach. >> let's move on. let's go to sierra heights. sierra street. >> yes. very different building. built in 2006, while baycrest has studios and one bedrooms, this is the building -- building that is oriented to three bedrooms. larger homes. this one had our biggest price appreciation, almost 50%. and what that means is we went from two bedrooms costing around 850 to 1.1 million. and three-bedroom -- three bedrooms, remember, there aren't a lot in san francisco, we went from 1.4 million to 1.7 million. >> do you get a parking spot was that? but you do. >> wonderful. >> [laughter] >> these are outrageous numbers. you're saying there's not enough housing. for those looking to buy in san
4:46 pm
francisco, doesn't sound like it's a buyers market. >> it is not. it continues to be a sellers market. we've seen a little bit of a softening, but we've gone from an incredibly strong sellers market to a sellers market. this is typically our quiet time of the year. based on how busy my team has been in december, i would say we are going to have a very busy 2016. >> people are buying them when it's the people that have the money, snatching them up? >> absolutely. >> matt fuller, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you, keep up. -- keba. bill martin has been tracking the storms for days. >> right on the afternoon commute, monday afternoon, it is slowing things down. you can check traffic maps redlined all over the place. showers will continue in the next few hours. it will go right to midnight. then check -- then we get a little bit of a break but not before more rainfall. i mentioned the live camera shot, this plume of moisture
4:47 pm
just lit up on the west coast. all the way from seattle and portland and san francisco. the interesting thing or a lot of things interesting about this. number one, it's snowing up high, snow levels are high, around 6500 feet. we've seen over five inches of rain in the marin county headlands. san jose, how much rain have you seen? 0.12. that's just under 2/10 of an inch. so the rain really, the main impact of this, very warm and tropical moisture has been in the coastal hills. from san mateo north. santa cruz mountains are doing well, three and four inches as well. what's happening with san jose is you look at the current rain, normally i would pick out -- it's raining everywhere. scattered showers right now and san jose, the yellows are going to represent a heavier rainfall. like up here at half moon bay on 35, yellows represent 0.2 of
4:48 pm
an inch. tells you how hard. the yellow areas, wipers are flying. most areas, heavy mist, heavy showers at times right on 35. showers are going to continue through the night. we could see another couple inches is in north bay and up in the mountains, we got the winter storm warning that stays in effect through tomorrow morning. again, i'll say it again, the rain is good but you know where you want it, you want the rain up in northern california by orville and shasta. when it snows, 6500 feet, you're losing snow. below that. in many cases. running off into sacramento. and it's hard to recapture that. so you hate to see that. you'd rather see it stakeholder. but in el niño, usually a little warmer. this one -- not textbook but showing strong signs of el niño weather system. 7:00 am on tuesday, scattered shower. morning commute. in the afternoon, maybe a few sprinkles. it's really about tonight and
4:49 pm
tomorrow and come on -- tomorrow morning. there's still stuff in the area but temperatures tomorrow easily into the upper 50s, low 60s. mostly cloudy in san jose in the morning hours with scattered showers. for the morning commute, as you going to the noontime hours, mostly cloudy with more scattered showers, this is san jose. could even be a stray shower after this as we go to the evening. for the most part, it is done and gone after the noon hour. so a chance of sprinkles in the forecast all day but wherever they are, widely scattered and not too much of a problem like they are right now. it's hammering. afternoon commute can't handle a drizzle, let alone a half inch of rain. we're seeing driving in, all of us drive in some route but you really see a lot of standing water, which is indicative of this nonstop, persistent high rainfall rates. coming down, so not a chance of drought. driving around tonight will be nasty. >> looking right here at the
4:50 pm
extended, looks like on friday, christmas? >> friday, christmas is good. this deal might not turn out to be much of anything, but we'll -- tuesday, after lunch time, you are money. let's check in now with frank in the newsroom with stories we're working on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. we are learning more about the family who died in the sudden tragic accident. >> yeah. our first look at the family of five, often gilroy, all of them died when their small plane crashed near bakersfield. we're going to hear from neighbors and friends about what this family was like. also, new information about the actual crash and how the plane unfortunately broke apart in midair. also more of what came out of the testimony of the high profile court case we've been following? >> really interesting details here. raymond, took the witness stand today. he was arrested along with leland yee and several others following an undercover operation. tara moriarty was in court today. she will tell us what chow said
4:51 pm
on the stand and also wager asked to be released from the case. >> we'll see you at 5:00. thank you. coming up first, her mother -- her mother is running for president. her father is a former president. see why chelsea clinton is stealing the spotlight again today.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
the first gummy multivitamin... ...from centrum. a complete, and tasty way to support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. taking a look at stories that many of you are talk about online. this first one is trending on twitter. >> there may be a new clinton on the campaign trail. chelsea clinton, the only trial of former president bill clinton and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton announced today she is expecting her second child next summer. she announced it by twitter. >> the soon to be second time grandparents tweeted out their
4:54 pm
congratulations today and chelsea clinton is married to hedge fund manager mark misbinski. >> this is big news for hillary clinton, because she often mentions charlotte. many people say it has softened her. the democratic convention is at the end of july. the timing might be perfect for hillary. >> and she'll be very busy and happy. how old is the first baby? >> one year old. another story, people are talking about this. we mentioned it earlier in the newscast. all i can say is what a mess. it's actually the biggest gasp. steve harvey hosted this year's beauty pageant. he read the card wrong and declared miss colombia the winner. she was actually runner-up and miss philippines was the real winner. harvey apologized but the crowd booed.
4:55 pm
twitter blew up. >> then you have the conspiracy theorists saying it was planned to get people talk about it and publicity. when you look at the card on the left side, it's really small print, second runner-up, then in the middle. on the other side it said the winner. i think he just messed up. >> i think he messed up too but everyone does believe it was a ratings booster. >> the question will be will he be back next year? >> definitely. coming up after the break, a national muslim organization fighting ignorance with education. the plans for the new year they hope will fight islam phobia.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
a coalition of muslim american groups announced a new coalition about educating the public about islam. >> it says the efforts come as hate crimes against muslims are on the rise following the deadly terror attacks in san bernardino and paris. >> the campaign plans to make mosques more open to the public. organizers say they hope to close the gap between islam and what's being portrayed to what the religion means to people. it includes launching a voter rej -- registration drive and increasing national security.
4:59 pm
muslims say donald trump's remarks have helped fuel the spike in anti-muslim rhetoric. >> the group says it plans to increase emergency preparedness for islamic institutions to address the hate crimes against muslim. let's send it over to frank and julie. a busy and wet start to the week. >> just hours till the official start to winter. there's rain and snow in the sierra. >> today it was pouring here in the bay area and up in the sierra, skiers couldn't be happier. we're following the conditions on the road because the commute tonight is a rough one. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the start to the holiday week is a wet one. rain has been falling, heavy at times, all across the bay area. in oakland this afternoon it was coming down hard enough to cause standing water on city streets. in san francisco umbrellas are out in full forced to and foot traffic is a little lighter than on a normal monday. at sfo dozens of
5:00 pm
flights have been canceled and more than 100 have been delayed because of poor visibility. >> all of this is happening on the evening commute. this is a look at the traffic conditions. all the red you see on screen, that's where it's very slow going. winter officially begins later on tonight and we're expecting even more rain so the commute is going to be tough all evening. this is a look at the commute heading in to san francisco. this is the reverse commute. looks like a morning commute there. completely backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> let's get to our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the storm for us in the weather center. >> the rain has been coming down hard, especially on this afternoon commute. some of the totals, very impressive, especially in the north bay. this system has been very much about marin county north. these are rough numbers because they're continuing to update as we speak but mount tam, over 5 inches of rain. fairfax, that's up on the way out. santa cruz


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